Tradition says that 6th December every year is St. Nicholas Day. And in the spirit of his legendary gift-giving, we decided to mark the occasion with a secret surprise in the post to the friends of saintnicks.

Every year we reimagine a classic G&T and this December we snuck in a little chilli to spice things up this festive period.


Fancy making one at home? Here’s what you need:

  • Your favourite G&T (We prefer Six O’clock gin)
  • One chilli pepper
  • Five ice cubes
  • Courage

Mix a G&T as you normally would, then choose how much fire you want with your ice.

  1. If you like a touch of spice in your life, snip the tip off the chilli and pop it in your drink.
  2. Like it hotter? Cut the chilli along its length, stir your drink a couple of times and put it on the rim.
  3. Bit of a phoenix? Cut the chilli along its length and leave it in your drink.

Try adding some fragrance to the flames with a sprig of fresh coriander.  

Sit back and warm up with this seriously luscious libation. Here’s to many more years of working together.

Merry Christmas!