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Education / TREND REPORT

Featuring 22 specific examples, we hope that this Education Trends 2019 report will inspire innovations in your own organisation.

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Food and Bev 2019 Trend Report hero


Consumption with a conscience is on the menu this year. Food and drink that’s better for us and the world around us, with innovation as the most popular ingredient (along with seaweed). There’s a lot to be excited about in F&B in 2019.

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Financial services trend report London

Financial services 2018 / TREND REPORT

In an unmissable look into innovations impacting the financial services industry, we focus on the latest advances in customer experience. As the marketplace grows increasingly crowded, brands need to consider whether they’re saving their customers’ time… or earning it.

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2018 mega trend highlights

2018 mega trend highlights

This trend report is packed with useful, relevant and insightful information, that we belive will make an impact on you in some way this year. We’ve handpicked some examples to illuminate new ways in which you can utilise new trends and themes within your industry.

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F&B Cover

Food & Bev 2018 / TREND REPORT

Increasingly, the UK is becoming a nation of casual diners who choose to eat out instead of cooking at home. This shift has supported the growth of everyday branded chains. However, with growth, we’re also seeing an increasingly saturated market. Greater consumer sophistication is driving demand for higher quality, more interesting places to dine and drink.

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30 Greatest lead Gen Tips & Ideas

The 30 greatest lead generation tips and ideas

Great marketing is built on successful lead-generation. However, it might come as a shock to learn that just one in ten marketers believe their lead-generation efforts are working well.

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Education 2017 / TREND REPORT

The student market is a very dynamic one. With more organisations, partners and channels to choose from, competing in this segment is now more challenging than ever before…

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The basics of CRM

“Customer relationship management” can sound intimidating to small and mid-sized businesses. But at some point, organisations need to implement a customer contact management system that’s more streamlined than just spreadsheets.

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How to run an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Since 2006, ‘inbound marketing’ has been one of the most effective marketing methods for doing business online. Download and use the following framework, to make the development of inbound campaigns even more effective.

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Retro illustration of fist holding a fork

Food & Bev 2017 / TREND REPORT

The food and beverage market forms one of the UK's most important categories. It’s a place consumers go to, to ‘come home interesting.’ New food, drink and technology trends are transforming this category.

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buyer personas

How to create buyer personas for your business

In our latest guide to understanding your customers, we analyse buyer personas: what are they, how do you create them and how can you use them to grow your business?

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customers want next

2017 trends / TREND REPORT

Some marketing innovation may leverage new technology, but most is still based on strong insight and great creative execution. Find out how brands are keeping themselves relevant and resonant in 2017.

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Stats and formulas on a computer screen

The six marketing metrics you should be using

Want to ensure your marketing efforts are always growing your bottom line? Check out our metrics guide to ensure you’re investing in the right places, at the right time, to boost your business.

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Miniature workmen investigating a network cable

Future finance 2017 / TREND REPORT

Despite all the uncertainty of our new financial landscape, there remain five powerful forces shaping the future. Brands in demand in the world of finance are building stronger foundations based on a new set of values.

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wall of portrait paintings

What’s your company’s brand archetype?

It’s essential to match the personality of your brand to that of your customers. That’s where our archetypes analysis comes in. This insightful guide pinpoints the crucial information you need to understand your customers – and how to find it.

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