Tackling the housing crisis head-on

Tackling the housing crisis head-on

Tackling the housing crisis head-on

The challenge

CoBuy Management brought us a groundbreaking proposition, masked in a traditional wrapper. Aimed primarily at Generation Rent, CoBuy turns the conventional housing model on its head by redefining the notion of home ownership: buy 50% of a home and pay rent for the rest. With CoBuy you can own the home you actually want, with a deposit and mortgage you can afford.

Helping a new generation get onto the property ladder with a brilliantly simple idea: buy half, rent half.


After a series of strategic workshops and research, we uncovered the crux of the Cherry Homes vision: to solve the UK housing crisis.

Speaking to the sought-after Millennial market, this compelling proposition needed a brand and name to match. Drawing on the notion of collaboration and the power of the collective, we devised the simple portmanteau CoBuy; a naming convention that enabled us to create and own a new category. A bold move which needed a bold identity to match.

We wanted the message to be clear and concise, with an honesty that appealed to Generation Rent: a demographic for whom property ownership has always been shrouded in the fog of financial jargon. This led to the creation of a charmingly unpretentious animation for CoBuy’s website. The easy-to-digest narrative required an equally simplistic conversion tool, together with a simple-to-use mortgage calculator to make the CoBuy process accessible to everyone.

With CoBuy having now successfully launched, our work is far from over. With regional property launches planned across the UK throughout 2018, we’ll be working with CoBuy closely to support their digital marketing strategy and drive acquisition.

"It is much harder for young people to get on the property market than their parents or grandparents."

Government housing white paper, 2017



Target number of CoBuy homes available within the next three years


Predicted number of CoBuyers successfully on the property ladder by 2020


Anticipated funds under management by 2020

“saintnicks have brought our brand to life brilliantly. The team have gone above and beyond, and we could not be happier.”

Alice Porter - COO

Co-Buy website on a desktop screen
CoBuy wall panels case study

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