We live in interesting times. We’re more aware, blinded, opinionated, politicised, divided, united, vocal, silenced and technologically advanced than ever. We’re more empowered, too. Ours is an industry fighting against roughly one billion ad-blockers. Or click-through rates at a measly 0.1%. It’s a sobering, powerful statement against what we do.

Standing still just won’t cut it. Or cut through.

To stem the tide of convention, the fight against the status quo is on. Marketing is increasingly generic, data-driven and uninspiring. And everywhere. To properly stand out and be heard in a deafening marketplace, brands have to work hard. It’s the purity of a hard-working creative idea that can truly set them apart.

The good news is, hard-working ideas are not yet extinct. On the following pages you’ll find some truly outstanding creative thinking, and a breadth of work that brilliantly executes it.

We’ve picked out nine trends from our friends over at Trendwatching, along with the standout ideas that show how they can come to life.

So, what did we learn? It appears harder than ever to go further. When we looked through the trends and ideas, that was our measure. Does this get into that sweet spot that so many ideas miss? Does this go further?

When we came to pick the hardest-hitting ideas, we were spoilt for choice. Long may it continue.

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