If you’re anything to do with anything in the world of baby and child brands, then you’ll know that Kind + Jugend in Cologne is the place to be.

With 1,232 exhibitors from 50 countries, and around 22,500 trade visitors from 113 countries, it really is a who’s who of industry experts.

At saintnicks, we get as close to our brands as possible. Which is why we sent our Business Development Director (and father of one), Jack out to Cologne, to scope out what’s hot and get us the lowdown on all things new.

Over to Jack…

I was struck by the vastness of the expo and the choices across every segment; it’s impossible to explore every hall and stand in just one day, but I did my best. 

From the slick stands showing off fashionable buggies – more like a car showroom than a baby and child event – to the new entrants launching their products and hoping to be picked up by a retailer or distributor; there were even stands with VIP entry and ones you couldn’t look into without an appointment. I also heard a rumour that one brand was hosting their own event off-site at an exclusive hotel, invite only. 

Secret events and mystery stands aside, the thing I found most striking was the difference in how brands from around the world position themselves, and how hard it is for many of these brands to break into the UK market. ­

One stall holder for instance showed me her specific UK range, with much brighter tones than her otherwise muted colour palette. It was a subtle difference but pointed that it was the UK that had a special range, not the rest of the world.

Regardless of their country of origin, brands have taken a marked step away from blue for boys and pink for girls. Now, it’s all soft pastels and gender-neutral hues; taking cues from adult trends and blending seamlessly with mum and dad’s own stuff, rather than simply indicating to the world the gender of their child.

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And the nursery of the future is here too. There was a whole digital playroom with all the latest kit, including a baby rocker which was modelled on the action recorded by motion sensors on a mum rocking her baby.


The term ‘minefield’ was one that I remember often using as a young parent looking to buy that all important piece of kit for the home. With so much choice across every segment this has never been truer.

So, how can brands cut through this noise? How can they speak to the mums and dads and entrust them with their pride and joy? What about fashion trends and what the latest celebrity parents are carrying/pushing/driving their kids around in? What values are driving the behaviours and choices of today’s customers?

These are the kinds of questions we love to help our clients answer, especially in the baby and child space where so many positive and powerful emotions are at play.

For more information on how we can take your brand further, please contact Jack Thompson at saintnicks on 0117 927 0100 or via email at jack.thompson@saintnicks.uk.com