Often fuelled by nostalgia, these once forgotten artefacts are given a second chance to be top spot for a new generation.  So join us as we revisit some of the most rejuvenated treasures:

  1. Dr Martens – first introduced in the 1970’s, then again in the 1990’s, it seems only right that these punk editions would see a third wave of admiration today under the new name ‘AirWair’.
  2. Polaroid cameras – when Polaroid announced plans to cease production of the film for their cameras in 2008, the very same year a team of photography lovers revealed plans to start reproducing them. Calling themselves The Impossible Project, they are still going strong today: stocking high street stores such as Urban Outfitters.
  3. Mini – despite having a long-standing love affair with the British public since its launch in 1959, sales waned in 1994. BMW saved the day when they purchased mini and its manufacturers. Incorporating the traditional characteristics of mini and adding a modern twist was a recipe for success as 2013 saw an all-time high in sales.
  4. Curlywurly – it’s been around since 1970 and so it should be. Never bettered.
  5. Furbys – is it a bird? No it’s a furby and it’s back with a vengeance. With a few technology upgrades these furry creatures were let loose to the market again in 2013. Still creepy? Yep. Still successful? Yep.
  6. Jaguar – having experienced their fair share of mergers over the years, the British brand had record sales for Jaguar Land Rover in 2013 with the sale of 425,000 cars under the guidance of India’s Tata motors. By changing the style of their cars, drivers the world over are still revelling in the transformation.
  7. Blue Nun – the 1970’s favourite lost footing as its target audience moved to more sophisticated wines while younger generations looked further afield for their tipple. With a new target market of women in their 20’s the brand re-launched more than one ‘new and improved wines’. Adapting to the market worked as Blue Nun sells around 12.5 million bottles a year.
  8. Micro Scooters – these compact scooters first hit the shelves in 1999 and were at the height of popularity in 2000. They slipped off the radar as the primary market (children) moved onto new toys. Turns out these easy pack modes of transport are perfect for commuting, low and behold a new audience and wave of sales today.
  9. Scrunchies – just like Marmite, you either love them or hate them. This hair accessory has experienced highs and lows since its birth in the 1980’s, but whether you are pro or anti scrunchie, you have to admit they’re nothing if not unforgettable and continue to experience surges of appreciation.
  10. Penny Skateboards – referred to as a ‘throwback to the original skateboard’, the penny board was launched in 2011. The initial response was weak due to the state of the economy, but thanks to the lightweight, funky 90’s style of the board they grew in popularity. Question is, how do you use your penny board? Tricks, transport or as a fashion accessory?