Think outside the (white) box. Bailey was competing for stand out in a homogenous and declining market. A market where product is king and customer loyalty is key. In a sea of white, they needed to stand out. But how? By building brand Bailey.


Britain’s most popular leisure vehicles. The Bailey family has been making leisure vehicles since 1948. Back then, staycations were coveted and caravanning was a luxury enjoyed only by a few. Fast forward to today, and more than 70 years of expertise and craftsmanship go into every Bailey vehicle. Generously spec’d, tested to the limit, and hand-crafted in Britain; it’s little wonder, there are more Bailey vehicles on Britain’s roads than any other caravan or motorhome manufacturer.


Go with The Nation’s Favourite. Go Bailey. With a confident and actionable proposition, we were able to grab the attention of new customers and enthusiasts alike. By switching the emphasis from product to experience, Bailey were able to connect with their customers more emotionally – we brought this to life in a heart-warming hero brand film. The new campaign and website were revealed at the industry’s biggest event, ‘The Motorhome & Caravan Show’. In a sea of white, Bailey was proudly blue and more importantly, proudly unmissable.

A heart-warming hero brand film that shows friends and families coming together and making memories.

Customer research told us how important brochures are to Bailey’s audience. We re-designed the whole brochure – adopting a series of layouts for different types of information.

It’s in the candid, real-life moments that we can capture the true spirit of caravan and motorhome holidays.

An intuitive, brand new website built with Bailey’s many different audiences in mind.

A series of product and brand adverts for key industry media to support new product launches.


saintnicks really got us from day one. A thorough and comprehensive brand repositioning and full roll out across multiple channels – the results have been outstanding, they constantly surprise us, and they’re a genuinely inspiring team to work with.

Simon Howard
Marketing Director, Bailey of Bristol