Originally from Thames, New Zealand, Saranna recently arrived in Bristol having worked for a number of agencies in LA. Saranna brings a head-full of ideas and a wealth of design experience and talent.

Saranna’s work is creatively broad and she joins the team as a designer across a range of our clients. It was Saranna’s particular talent for beautifully crafted typography and hand lettering that caught our eye, a genuinely natural ability to transform messages into elegant artwork, and an attention to design detail that runs throughout her work.

When she’s not working on design-related projects, she can be found playing Beethoven on the piano and drawing for the sheer love of drawing. She also enjoys travelling, long-distance running and hunting down a flat white.

Check out some of her great work below:

saintnicks lettering

Cluster Co-working space interior murals

saintnicks lettering

Cursive script for industry mailer

saintnicks saranna

Restaurant local marketing campaign

saintnicks lettering

Wedding Invitation