No brand wants to fall foul of a social media faux pas and never is it more of a threat than when responding to customer feedback online.

Sadly, no brand is safe from the clutches of poor community management – big or small, many have crossed swords with this particular beast and come off the worse.

So, what do you do? How do you keep your online community in check? Here’s our take on some shining examples of how brands can win the game.

Keeping it casual

…Even a little bit flirty. Some of the best examples of community management that we’ve seen are when a brand’s engagement with followers is chatty, casual and a tad cheeky.


Community management Netflix


Consumers like to know that there are people behind a brand, and a little bit of personality goes a long way. Netflix is a great example of a brand that knows how to keep it breezy:


Community management Netflix


Community management isn’t just about responding – you get out what you put in. Through consistent and friendly engagement, you will foster a community of like-minded and willing brand ambassadors who are spreading the good word about your product or service – hello, free content!

Now, we’re not saying you should be rinsing your community for all of your content needs – you still need to produce fresh content yourself to keep them engaged.

However, championing a select few of your followers’ posts to bolster your content will not only help with your content flow but also show your followers that you value their voice.

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The great thing about user-generated content is that it just keeps feeding itself. A customer posts a glowing review, so you share it. More followers jump on the bandwagon, and the fresh content just keeps on coming.

One brand that knows the value of community-sourced content is rising cult beauty brand, Glossier. About half of the content they share on Instagram comes from followers – not only does this mean that their content keeps coming, but it reinforces the brand’s position as a consumer favourite. Win-win.

Glossier community management


Sometimes, you’ve got to own it

Occasionally, you may find yourself at the receiving end of negative social media attention, but it’s not always about swallowing your pride. Take Cancer Research UK, for example.

Their recent anti-obesity campaign, which featured the message ‘Guess what is the biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking’ on a cigarette packet full of chips, has received a lot of backlash on social media, with people damning it as ‘fat shaming’.

Community management obesity

But rather than dishing out the grovelling apologies, CRUK stuck to their guns, issuing the following statement;

Our campaign isn’t meant to make anyone feel bad about their weight, or make anyone think negatively about people who are overweight or obese. Our aim is to raise awareness of the link between cancer and obesity as, after smoking, obesity is the second biggest cause. It is our duty to inform people about this and lobby the government on policies which will help us all to keep a healthy weight.

CRUK want to share an important message about the health of the nation – some people may have taken offence, but the charity is dedicated to spreading the word.

If you wholeheartedly believe in the content you’re posting, you don’t always have to backtrack. Whether people like it or not, sometimes it’s important to back your own horse and show integrity.

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