More art. Less noise.

More art. Less noise.

The challenge

d&b audiotechnik are known for their bold positioning and passion to seek perfection. Good sound will never be good enough. Launching two ground-breaking products at the same time, the world-class German based brand tasked saintnicks with disrupting the audio-technology market on a global scale.

The GSL loudspeakers from the SL-Series are the largest line array modules developed by d&b, and the second of their two launches this year. d&b Soundscape was the first of the launches (read up on its case study).

Driven by a demand for outdoor venues, the ultimate large-scale line array enhances artistry, whilst reducing noise for populated environments. The SL-Series has begun to rock the industry. A series with unparalleled performance, accuracy and state-of-the-art features, all carefully packaged in the d&b way for easy, intuitive operation. Ultimately delivering exceptional sound with impeccable consistency and efficiency from performance to performance.

All and nothing.

d&b audiotechnik More Art written over red traffic lights on an empty road


All and nothing.

d&b audiotechnik equipment at a concert gig

From the dream to reality, the SL-Series campaign breaks boundaries to reveal a giant leap in the audio-technology evolution.


Following multiple demo sessions with d&b, immersing ourselves with the GSL loudspeakers and subs, we crafted a campaign that was truly integrated both on and offline through printed comms, trade stands and a micro-site. The launch cuts through the industry noise to reveal true democracy for listeners. The ‘More art. Less noise.’ positioning stitches both artistic expression and science together as the loudspeakers direct all energy to the front with no sound leakage to the rear: More art. Less noise.



Anticipated funds under management by 2020

“The one thing I keep hearing is how great the SL-Series campaign creative is. The campaign is very much appreciated - great work!”

Jocy Bueckner - d&b Head of Brand

d&b audiotechnik SL Series website on desktop screen

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