1. Quality not quantity

At last, we’re seeing a switch in emphasis from traffic quantity to traffic quality. Brands, advertisers and websites are focussing on who is on their sites, rather than just how many clicks a campaign delivers. Whilst tracks, clicks and open-rates have historically defined ‘success’, only now do we hear about social’s impact on revenues, business value and ROI. Brands will be getting to grips over the next 12 months with how much to invest, how to invest and how to evaluate social media campaigns as social turns mainstream. 

  1. Disintermediation

Online integration is breaking down barriers everywhere. Uber is stealing business through an app not an office, funding can come from friends (via Kickstarter), rather than through financial institutions.

  1. Total retail

Marketers may still talk about e-commerce, m-commerce and high street retail, but a major change for consumer marketing is in ‘total retail’ – the effortless move between online and offline worlds. Digital retail displays, adaptive windows on the high streets and iBeacons driving traffic in-store are no longer new phenomena. Online operators partner with the physical high street, through click and collect services; we see the blurring of boundaries in a good way. This ‘clicks and bricks’ amalgamation will become a more rewarding experience in every sense.

  1. Integrity everywhere

When we measure brand attributes, we find consumers seeking a new set of values: trust, differentiation, personality, experience and exclusivity. Whilst some of these feel familiar, trust has become the most important. With social commentary ever on the rise, it’s crucial that brands tell the truth about their product or service in an imaginative way.

  1. Social becomes the Internet

The demand for measurement and accountability has never been stronger. Now it’s social media’s turn to account for itself as an integral marketing discipline. Most brands are predicted to transition their marketing efforts to social channels over time, meaning that Social has the full potential to become not just one of the channels but thechannel.

  1. Competition re-imagined

If brands think that competition is fierce now, then they need to think again. Tracking direct competitors is one thing, but competition will come from indirect competitors, the supply chain, new funded entrepreneurs and the ever-shrinking global market place. Innovation is most often found on the fringes and this is a great place to start looking. With disintermediation, accessible funding and an accessible global marketplace, watch out…here comes everyone.

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