A lesson in low-cost lead conversion

A lesson in low-cost lead conversion

The challenge

Lifetime is the UK’s leading training provider with 20+ years of experience and 1000s of students joining each month. saintnicks was tasked to review the brand and digital communications strategy and improve existing lead generation through paid and social channels.

Turning passions into professions

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Turning passions into professions

Weight training with personal trainer. Live for the weekend written in bold letters over image.


To ensure we maintained lead volume, continuity was critical. Leaning on insight, we profiled their customer data and remapped the entire customer journey to overhaul the existing digital experience. Whilst this helped drive conversions, we wanted to build engagement and advocacy too. To do this we needed to engage with the audience emotively, and so ‘Take Life On’ was born. Aligned to Lifetime’s brand personality, this attitude-packed proposition activated and reinforced Lifetime’s name in a new way. Coupled with the directive messaging, the campaign enables Lifetime to give prospective customers the confidence to be what they want to be: to ‘take life on’.

With a new creative proposition in place, we reviewed Lifetime’s media and channel plans helping to optimise spend across all online channels. The output was a multi-channel digital content strategy that supported the sales teams efforts and has strengthened Lifetime’s relationship with their learners.



Increase in click-through rates


Reduction in cost per lead


Increase in lead-conversion rates

“The ‘Take Life On’ campaign was fresh, eye-catching and helped double our lead-conversion rates. The team at saintnicks are a delight to work with - they are my extended ‘team’, always assuring deadlines are met and maintaining high-quality work.”

Esther Brice – Marketing Manager

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