Inspiring a nation of self-investors

Inspiring a nation of self-investors

The challenge

AXA Self Investor (ASI) was launched in mid-2012. In 2014 saintnicks was appointed to ramp up the self-investor proposition in a bid to inspire confidence and encourage a nation of savers and self-investors.

Because no one will take better care of you than you.

Invest from as little as £50 per month.


Competitors were targeting savvy, confident investors. But what about those getting left in the dust – the average Joes? We had an opportunity to capture this audience by providing ‘guidance’ and making self-investing straightforward. We also developed a strong relaunch message that encouraged customers to experience self-investing. But customers had issues that needed addressing:


• Lack of confidence

• Fear of the complexity of investing

• Fear of getting it wrong

• A lack of trust and time.

Transparency was key – being straightforward and honest so that customers felt safe. What customers wanted was 'a crystal-clear stocks and shares ISA' from a new AXA business. AXA Self Investor played to the ‘everyman’ – by showing that everyday people were taking control of their finances, we were able to empower customers and give them the confidence to become ‘Self Investors’.



New customers


Increase vs previous launch

“saintnicks made a critical contribution to the strategy, planning and implementation of our successful relaunch.”

Martin Palmer – Head of Marketing AXA Self Investor

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