Nostalgia marketing: why we look back in turbulent times

Feeling nostalgic? You’re not alone. Saintnicks’ Planner Georgia takes a deep dive into the word of nostalgia marketing – and why it’s having a real moment right now.

The dash to digital: how to win online in 2023

2022 is quickly coming to an end, and after a year of political and economic uncertainty, we expect to see a lot of change in 2023. As brands prepare for the year ahead, we’re taking a look at the biggest shifts in digital marketing – and…

saintnicks officially named a Best Workplace™ in Tech 2022

Last month, the 2022 UK’s Best Workplaces™ in Tech list was launched by Great Place to Work® UK, recognising saintnicks among 140 ranked organisations.

Namestorming 101: 5 ways to name your brand

So, you’re naming your business. The most important asset in your operations, the first thing your customers and prospects will learn about you, the differentiator in your category.

The Break Up: Is Gen Z Dumping Social Media?

What comes to mind when you think of Gen Z? Tech-savvy influencers? Social justice warriors? Instagram addicts?

5 ways to channel your inner Patagonia (without selling your company)

Patagonia’s recent announcement to ‘go purpose’ has made waves across the industry, with many lauding it as a radical but necessary truth bomb.

Can Artificial Intelligence replace our creative team?

Lately it seems that creatives everywhere have been doing double takes as AI-powered tools start to seep into mainstream media. With DALL-E creations hot on the heels of graphic designers and free copywriting sites like Jasper looming over…

It’s official – saintnicks certified as a Great Place to Work®

We are proud to announce we are officially Certified™ by Great Place to Work®. 100% of saintnicks employees are proud of what we accomplish as an agency and view us as a great place to work, illustrating our commitment to engaging…

Bye-bye buying… the future is rented

Increasingly, many of us are moving away from buying things outright in favour of subscription models. We have an expectation that our brand interactions will be better, faster, more flexible and more accessible. Couple this with the…

Putting Wordle to work: what we’ve learned from a 5-minute game

Like all great online trends, Wordle had a true moment in the sun. While many have replaced it with outdoorsier lunchtime activities, others are still sharing their daily scores on trusty WhatsApp groups and Slack channels (Hi Mum!).…