The student market is a very dynamic one. With more organisations, partners and channels to choose from, competing in this segment is now more challenging than ever before…

As time is an increasingly precious commodity, consumers are now embracing shorter, easier-to-digest ways of learning. It’s common for consumers to seize idle moments to learn or develop a new skill, such as learning a language.

Developments in the digital world, such as social media and vlogging, have created a new form of mentorship. Traditional views of mentorship tied to accredited expertise have now shifted, as consumers favour connecting with ‘ordinary’ people who are willing to share skills with their peers. We’ve seen this progress even further with chatbots now taking on the role of mentors.

Digital tools, such as VR, are making learning experiences more immersive and challenging. Such tools can be used to help people reach their physical and mental goals.

We’re also seeing a shift towards brands providing learning experiences and education platforms for consumers. These are designed to reinforce brand values, while offering consumers tangible skills.

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