Luscombe LogoHow weput thelust intoLuscombe

Luscombe LogoHow we putthe lust intoLuscombe

The challenge

Luscombe was a regional drinks brand with a regional proposition. Nature and provenance were everyone’s territory; they needed an edge, a proposition which would make them stand out from the crowd.



After a series of workshops with Founder Gabriel David and the Luscombe brand team, a deliciously rich back story emerged. Luscombe, we came to learn, was no ordinary soft drinks business. On the contrary, with a deep-rooted history stretching back as far as the Domesday Book, apples have been growing on the Luscombe estate for over 1,000 years. Add to this Gabriel’s thirst for perfection, and we had all the ingredients we needed to pen a compelling new proposition. Luscombe is a brand born of valleys and wild orchards; of an innate desire for sublimity.

Drawing on this unspoken truth, we created a campaign rooted in the premise of lust and obsession: “Temptation bottled”.



Growth in sales in 2017

“We were massively impressed by their creativity and the capability of the team.”

Tim Dewing - Managing Director

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