When you think of Acton in springtime, you probably don’t think about ancient orchards and noshing on a crisp Devon Crimson apple, do you? Well here at saintnicks we have never been ones to let improbability get in our way.

But before we get into juicy details, let’s take a step back and explain how we ended up building a Devon orchard in warehouse in Acton. We’re sure you’re curious.

It all started back at the very beginning of 2017, when the lovely people at Luscombe Drinks approached us looking to grow market share, develop their range and appeal to a dynamic demographic.

Enter saintnicks. Through our exciting work with the brand, we have helped them find their seductive side, and part of this was a big beautiful shoot in Luscombe’s stunning 1000 year old orchard. Or so it would appear…

The thing is, spring weather in Devon isn’t particularly predictable, and we needed full fat British summertime, at the drop of a hat. And where better to build a tiny replica of their stunning Devonshire orchard than a warehouse in Acton?

luscombe drinks orchard shot

Thus ensued the arrival of more silk apple blossoms; Sicilian lemons; organic Devonshire apples; floaty pink dresses; brocade jackets; and delicious fruity beverages than Acton has (probably) ever seen.

We were massively impressed by their creativity and the capability of the team,’ confirmed Managing Director, Tim Dewing.

That miniature orchard in a warehouse in Acton marked the beginning of some big changes at Luscombe, and we couldn’t be more excited about how it’s all turned out. Luscombe aren’t your average drinks company. They have been growing apples on their orchard in Buckfastleigh, Devon for over 1000 years.

Producing more than 1000 varieties of apple, growing their own organic elderflower, and using only the freshest and most flavoursome citrus from Sicily, Luscombe are in a category of their own. And that’s why we wanted to work with them.

luscombe drinks bottle shot

Luscombe don’t pull any punches when it comes to flavour, and that’s what we look for in a brand: confidence.

‘saintnicks presented a very compelling strategy and a creative campaign that fully met our requirements for growth. The team has fantastic experience in this sector and this was evident in the campaign planning, research and execution.

We were massively impressed by their creativity and the capability of the team,’ confirmed Managing Director, Tim Dewing.

From their bespoke production methods, to their incredible history and heritage, and their obsession for perfection, Luscombe truly are a world apart from other brands in the category.

You only have to look at the numbers: as a category; soft drinks are growing at a rate of 5%. Luscombe weigh in at 30%. Who would have thought an orchard in a warehouse could become part of something so… fruitful.