Imagine being able to control devices using virtual buttons, switches and dials elevated in mid-air… This is now possible, thanks to the latest ultrasound technology from Bristol-based company, Ultrahaptics.

This award-winning company has developed a unique technology that enables users to receive feedback, in the form of a tactile sensation, without needing to touch or wear anything. With a simple hand movement, the gesture recognition function allows users to interact with a device.

Like kids in a candy store, our team were very excited to trial this technology first-hand and were blown away by its capabilities. Creating everything from a real-life force field to the sensation of popping bubbles, this is some impressive kit.


The hardware is currently being trialled in medical, industrial and domestic environments, as well as in the automotive industry to improve safety. But it won’t be long until this kind of technology enters everyday life. It will soon be creating even more immersive experiences for brand VR/AR environments, and gaining cut-through in POS and experiential/event marketing.

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