So you’re bashing out pithy tweets on the daily, your Instagram feed is to die for… but what about your email?

They’re one of the toughest nuts to crack, but also a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to connecting digitally with customers.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled the five best ways to make your emails seriously clickable.


1. Keep it simple

We live in a world where instant satiation rules; while we were once happy to wait for what we wanted, one-click purchasing and same-day delivery have become the norm. That’s why – now, more than ever – it pays to keep your messaging concise and quick to digest.

Stick to a max of five headline items per email, and connect your messaging with one simple, overarching proposition.

Wherever people are when they receive your email – on the train, the bus or even the loo – they’ll only dedicate a maximum of thirty seconds to reading it, so brevity and clarity are key.

2. Let it breathe

Make sure your copy is well-spaced and elegantly formatted. This ensures readers know where to look – a wall of text is intimidating and difficult to scale. Careful formatting also lends a sense of refinement to your email; you don’t want your email to look like it was made in Microsoft Publisher.

Clean lines + plenty of space + clear calls to action = happy viewing.

3. Make it eye-catching…

…but not gaudy. Complementary colours (used with a light touch), sharp lines and striking imagery will all help to catch your reader’s eye. It’s then down to your dazzling copy to keep them there.

You might even try using some subtle micro-animation if you’re feeling fruity – just try not to stray into the realm of PowerPoint presentations circa 2005.

4. Link it up

These days, everything is a button – or it should be. So if you’re not linking up every image, every logo and every relevant keyword, you’re angering the people. Mentioned a brand? Link it. Inserted an image of a snazzy new soft drink? Link it.

Referenced a post from your blog? Link it. Just be savvy with your formatting – watch out for that phantom blue line, as it could wreck your carefully chosen pastel palette.

5. Cross-platform is key

Mobile: in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s taking over the world. Anywhere between 20 and 75% of email opens are on mobile, depending on the target audience, content and product.

That’s huge – so huge, in fact, that it makes sense to design your emails for mobile and back-fit to desktop, rather than the other way around.

So, who’s doing it well?

We’d like to think we’ve got it nailed…so if you’re not on our mailing list you should be. Sign up here. In the meantime, here are a few others who perform well through email marketing and have got the basics nicely covered.


Rapha, a leading cycling sportswear brand, is known for their attention to detail and premium design. Such values are evident in their email marketing efforts, like this marketing campaign, highlighting Rapha’s big sale.

Rapha screenshot


Deliveroo is a premium restaurant delivery service in the UK. They leverage email to give their community access to the best deals, like this burger special from Big Eats Co. They also pepper in fun contests for some friendly competition.

Deliveroo screenshot

T2 Tea Company

T2 offers Australia’s largest range of tea and tea accessories. They use Campaign Monitor to promote and sell their products to tea-drinkers. This fun ‘Wake up & Smell the Tea’ campaign is a sure way to excite their audience.



Jaybird’s has the industry’s best bluetooth sports headphones and earbuds, and they use email marketing to announce new products and accessories. Here, with Campaign Monitor, they revealed their revolutionary X2 earbuds.

Jaybird screenshot

Now… go forth and email!

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