It’s strange to think that today a reality star can be president and Hollywood A-listers don’t have to possess ‘talent’ – at least not in the performing arts, ‘graduating from Julliard’ sense of the word.

Instead, it seems society is more interested in the size of someone’s bottom than their credentials. The question is: can we learn from this madness?

Luckily, the answer is yes. In his bestselling new book, Jeetendr Sehdev uses his muse, Kim Kardashian to shed light on the new digital world. He also shares his tips on how brands can become more relatable to Millennials and Gen Z.

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So, here are five of our favourite ways in which Kim can make your brand more engaging:

More content, more demand

As the expression goes, ‘If you build it, they will come’, And with online content, this couldn’t be more true. Keep creating, sharing and learning what works and what doesn’t. Access is valued by Kim’s followers. Today, she has her own reality show, an app, clothing line and emoji game (amongst other ventures); the more she gives, the more her followers want.

Don’t be something you’re not

Society effectively polices the online space, calling out anyone who is inauthentic. The Pepsi and Kendal Jenner fiasco is the perfect example of this. Brands that do good will be seen to do good, while companies that want to appear to do good by running an idealistic soft campaign, won’t.

Embrace your flaws

Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Zoella and KSI have one thing in common: a lack of fear. They don’t expect everyone to like them, but value ‘authenticity’ and ‘being themselves’. Embracing our flaws is human and authentic; it can be a powerful way to challenge existing stereotypes and redefine ideals.

Ditch tradition. Embrace your personality as a brand, and share who you are everywhere and every way you can

People relate to people, not brands

Modern society is changing. No longer do we tune in to establishments like the BBC and Guardian wholesale. Instead, it’s becoming more and more about the values of a significant person (for example, a particular news correspondent or celebrity).

Like never before, social media has given individual people – like Kim – a voice, which audiences can directly relate to. It’s just one reason why LinkedIn encourages people to become ‘influencers’ for their brands, rather than having a faceless account churning out content.

Be adventurous

Brands no longer have to stick to the confinements of traditional media. Previously-conventional Jamie Oliver braved the YouTube and Snapchat spheres, and is now able to market to the younger generations in brand new ways. Experiment with channels, content themes and formats – you won’t catch the Kardashians shying away from a new platform!

So, be adventurous. Ditch tradition. Embrace your personality as a brand, and share who you are everywhere and every way you can. Just remember, don’t do anything Kim wouldn’t do…


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