Nostalgia marketing: why we look back in turbulent times

Feeling nostalgic? You’re not alone. Saintnicks’ Planner Georgia takes a deep dive into the word of nostalgia marketing – and why it’s having a real moment right now.

Can Artificial Intelligence replace our creative team?

Lately it seems that creatives everywhere have been doing double takes as AI-powered tools start to seep into mainstream media. With DALL-E creations hot on the heels of graphic designers and free copywriting sites like Jasper looming over…

Bye-bye buying… the future is rented

Increasingly, many of us are moving away from buying things outright in favour of subscription models. We have an expectation that our brand interactions will be better, faster, more flexible and more accessible. Couple this with the…

Putting Wordle to work: what we’ve learned from a 5-minute game

Like all great online trends, Wordle had a true moment in the sun. While many have replaced it with outdoorsier lunchtime activities, others are still sharing their daily scores on trusty WhatsApp groups and Slack channels (Hi Mum!).…

Why we can’t forget about face-to-face collaboration

After two years of virtual meetings, it’s no surprise many of us are yearning for some good old fashioned face-to-face connection. From gut instincts to building meaningful relationships and understanding what makes your people tick,…

Becoming B-Corp

We’re making some changes at saintnicks. Here’s how we’re becoming a force for good.

2020 Compendium

We look back on a year of extraordinary events and forward at new consumer trends…

All change in Financial Services

All change in Financial Services

Despite the ongoing trend of digitisation in all things finance, 2020 has been responsible for an acceleration in that transformation.So, what’s changing?

Navigating a brave new working world

Navigating a brave new working world

From furlough to homeworking, 2020’s ‘office’ environment has looked somewhat different than it used to. So, whether it’s virtual or physical we ask ourselves, what’s next?

Pandemic pivots

Pandemic pivots

In a time where everything’s changed, brands have had to reconsider how to best serve their customers. Here’s our pick of the brands that evolved and adapted.