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Find your way with customer experience mapping

The customer experience map has long been one of the most valuable marketing tools for gaining a holistic understanding of your customers. It can be instrumental in unlocking latent potential in your funnel, pinpointing opportunities for growth and even uniting divided teams around a single customer view.

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Searching for answers: The three biggest search trends for 2019

In an online landscape which presents an increasingly fragmented customer journey, the future of search promises more voice and visual search than ever before. But what are the implications for brands and their SEO strategy?

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7 reasons why user research shouldn’t be cut from your budget

User research is often the first thing to get the axe when budgets are tight, but cutting corners at this critical early stage can lead to big (totally avoidable) holes opening up later down the line.

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Three digital trends that will change the face of advertising

A snapshot report of the key digital trends discussed during SearchStar’s recent event: Data in Advertising.

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messaging apps

How messaging apps are revolutionising the customer experience

Social messaging apps provide one of the biggest opportunities for brands to build dialogue with their customers. Don't miss out.

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The GDPR email wash-up. What have we learned?

Now the dust has settled on GDPR, we look back and learn from its successes and failures, and what it means for your future email campaigns.

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Your customers need a digital detox. Now.

Device addiction is on the rise, with many resorting to a ‘digital detox’ to kick the habit. Is your brand going to fight it, or feed it?

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Voice assistants. What’s all the talk about?

With all the hype about voice assistants and AI, it’s no wonder that businesses and brands are afraid of being left behind. What could this mean for you?

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It’s been emotional. Creating positive user experiences

Want to create interactive experiences that are positive and satisfying for your customers? Success lies in designing products that support the way people think and behave.

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Community management crowd

How to nail community management

Want to nail community management? Here are a few sage words of advice on how to keep your followers engaged.

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Go with data, not your gut

How to make 2018 the year your brand adopts data-driven insights.

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Five ways to create the perfect email

Don’t know your email from your elbow? With these 5 nifty tips, you’ll be ruling the inbox in no time.

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GDPR: What the heck is it, and what should I be doing?

Worried you’re sitting on a data-privacy time bomb? Here’s everything you need to know about GDPR.

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virtual reality

Reality check: Is your brand ready for virtual reality?

How to adapt your content strategy for VR.

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Smile, you’re on camera: how is the internet watching you?

Online tracking and profiling can be a little tricky to navigate when marketing your brand. Are you getting the right balance?

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dark social media

Social media is dying: The rise of dark social

How consumers are changing the way they share content, and what you can do to measure it.

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