Athletes and sportspeople have long suffered typecasting as having a lower IQ than those with finer interests; the artists, the thinkers, the theorists.

It always seems to be the assumption that those that can’t think, do.

The truth is, there are several key traits instilled in all athletes that put them in a league of their own when it comes to professional success.

Account handling is a sport of its own, and you’ve got to stay in shape…

Brains v brawn athletes saintnicks


Athletes constantly push their bodies to their absolute limit; in fact, enduring pain is what keeps them at the top of their game. That’s a mindset that will keep you on top in an agency.

Being able to forge through difficult – and sometimes uncomfortable – situations in pursuit of an end goal is a hugely desirable attribute in any industry, but especially in a creative agency.

You’ll come up against logistical challenges, conflicts of interest and your fair share of sticky situations when it comes to peacekeeping, so having the ability to remain focussed on the outcome, not the obstacle, is invaluable.

Team spirit

While we appreciate that not every sport is a team one, this is still key. For those that play team sports, it’s second nature to provide a rallying cry when those around them are flagging; to hold up their teammates and to work together towards a common goal.

We don’t need to tell you how important that is in an agency environment.

Athletes are hardwired to throw themselves headfirst at opportunity, not back away from it.

Time management

When you’re training in every spare moment of the day, keeping your time in order is essential. If you can fit in a 10K run before work and a gruelling circuits session afterwards, then you can definitely organise your time to fit in a briefing, a client call and an internal without forgetting to eat your lunch.

Seizing opportunities

Have you seen Gareth Bale pull up short of a ball because he didn’t quite have the conviction to follow through? Ever seen Serena Williams not strain for a ball that perhaps seemed slightly beyond her reach? No, you haven’t. Athletes are hardwired to throw themselves headfirst at opportunity, not back away from it.

When you find an account handler who snatches every opportunity, that’s the one you want on your team.

So, maybe it’s time to take your search for new staff to football pitches, netball courts, swimming pools and running tracks. Brains vs. brawn? We’ll take both, thanks.

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