It’s no surprise that wellness programmes are more popular than ever. From body coaches to boot camp, 15 minute HIITs to personalised fitness apps; wellness is not just big business, it’s a key currency for a millennial workforce where wellness is a daily, active pursuit.

Team saintnicks

Here at saintnicks, we run a backstreet boot camp session twice a week. It’s free for staff and up to 50% of the workforce participate in it. A session where people of all fitness levels participate in a ‘levelling’ experience where status has no meaning – it’s the effort you make as a team that counts.

When we think of the different benefits employers typically offer, they’re pretty standard: pension plans, healthcare, paid time off, maternity leave, even duvet days. These are in place partly as a legal obligation and partly to help us recruit and maintain an engaged and valued workforce.

Even though we do so, there is very little that is published to show that offering these benefits has any measurable effect on a company’s ability to recruit or maintain staff.

Now consider a wellness programme. Unlike all the other benefits our worksite offers, wellness programmes have been studied for decades.

Granted, the research is not perfect—but here’s what we’ve found from sweating, straining, lifting, lunging and working for-the-burn with all of our team…

  1. By training together, it has improved healthy behaviours, we’ve built a routine of exercise twice a week into our schedule, and our collective view of diet and nutrition has changed the way we see food as fuel/nourishment.
  2. We’ve seen it reduce workplace health risks: working in an agency can lead to a sedentary role as you drive a Mac all day. But regular exercise has improved participation in exercise and provides an enhanced metabolic rate, with plenty of anecdotal evidence to show a reduction in workplace stress that can be part of agency life when working to ever-shortening deadlines.
  3. Our programme has reduced absenteeism (and it has a related healthcare cost saving which is good for everyone).
  4. 100% of participants state that it has improved workplace productivity and employee morale, retention, sense of ‘team’ and recruitment.

We think it’s one of the best investments we have made into our team this year. And we can’t see that changing. Those who train together, stay together. So, why wouldn’t you?

If you want to know more about our staff welfare programme and how we help take people further at saintnicks, contact Tara on 0117 927 011 or email her at: