messaging apps

How messaging apps are revolutionising the customer experience

Social messaging apps provide one of the biggest opportunities for brands to build dialogue with their customers. Don't miss out.

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Jack Thompson saintnicks

Meet Jack Thompson, our new Business Development Director

Jack joins saintnicks with 10 years’ experience helping businesses and brands in the South West unleash their potential.

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Influencer marketing girl

Influencer marketing, or just plain freeloading?

Brands are paying out the big bucks for influencer marketing reviews, but is it worth it?

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Consumer behaviour male

The changing behaviour of the baby boomer

Is there too much focus on millennial-driven changes to consumer behaviour? If so, what or whom should we be paying attention to instead?

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The GDPR email wash-up. What have we learned?

Now the dust has settled on GDPR, we look back and learn from its successes and failures, and what it means for your future email campaigns.

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The key to building brand trust: Knowing me, knowing you

Brand trust is something of a golden egg in our industry, we know it is crucial but building it is becoming increasingly difficult. Find out why this could be, and what we can do about it? 

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Your customers need a digital detox. Now.

Device addiction is on the rise, with many resorting to a ‘digital detox’ to kick the habit. Is your brand going to fight it, or feed it?

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Creative agency or in-house? 5 reasons why agencies rule

Lacking something from your in-house team? Here’s 5 reasons why a creative agency can really help affect the bottom line.

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Jim Pyett saintnicks

Meet Jim, our new Senior Copywriter

Jim joins saintnicks with a decade of experience giving brands their voice – wherever it needs to be.

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