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Time for a pensions makeover?

Although workplace pensions provide a great solution for some people, we predict a pension gap which private providers can stake a claim for.

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Searching for answers: The three biggest search trends for 2019

In an online landscape which presents an increasingly fragmented customer journey, the future of search promises more voice and visual search than ever before. But what are the implications for brands and their SEO strategy?

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Food & Bev 2019 Trend report

From unusual flavour profiles, to interiors shake ups; sustainability, to seaweed; there’s a whole lot about to hit the scene in 2019.

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Financial Services Trends – Winning back the trust

In these challenging financial times, the headlines speak for themselves: ‘Less than half of Brits trust businesses’. With this being driven by executive pay issues, tax avoidance and lack of honesty and transparency, where does that leave the world of financial services?

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Warming wishes this saintnicks day

St Nicholas' Day is here and we're celebrating it with a new twist on an old classic.

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Fintech digital disruptors: Threat or myth?

In the world of fintech startups it's never been easier to conceive a clever solution to a consumer problem. But what can incumbents learn in order to adapt their brand strategy?

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The rise of the fair weather eco-warrior

The movement against single-use plastics has gained enormous momentum, but is having a 'grammable coffee cup really going to save the world?

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7 reasons why user research shouldn’t be cut from your budget

User research is often the first thing to get the axe when budgets are tight, but cutting corners at this critical early stage can lead to big (totally avoidable) holes opening up later down the line.

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Three digital trends that will change the face of advertising

A snapshot report of the key digital trends discussed during SearchStar’s recent event: Data in Advertising.

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