Beyond listening

Beyond listening

The challenge

World-class loudspeaker brand d&b audiotechnik has successfully navigated the last 36 years to become a global brand, assuming a market leading position.

Based in Stuttgart, Germany the team tasked saintnicks with the global launch of two ground-breaking products at the same time. Each product was created to disrupt the audio-technology market on a global scale by offering an unparalleled listening experience. Heralded as truly revolutionary technology, both products were born of the obsession of a team of fiercely passionate engineers, technicians and pioneers.

More art.Less noise.


More art.
Less Noise.

A global campaign designed to cut through the industry noise and announce the arrival of this eagerly awaited audio software revolution.

d&b Soundscape is the first of these two launches. A toolkit comprising state-of-the-art software, d&b Soundscape deepens and enriches the emotional connection between artist and audience. This product signifies a thrilling new era in sound experience – in fact, it has reduced industry experts to tears, prompting statements such as: ‘It’s like hearing for the first time!’. So it was essential that the launch did this extraordinary technology justice.


Following multiple workshops and time spent with d&b in Germany to immerse ourselves and get up close with the product thinking, we developed a campaign designed to cut through the industry noise and announce the arrival of this eagerly awaited international release.

The audience and scale of touchpoints were truly integrated, featuring on and offline campaign teaser and launch comms, microsite, collateral and trade stands. This suite of creative work came together to form a campaign that would envelop, entice and celebrate the d&b obsession with ever progressing their industry.



Anticipated funds under management by 2020

“The Soundscape campaign is brilliant– what a triumph. It’s such a different approach for us, but also exactly what was needed.”

David Claringbold – d&b Chief Marketing Officer

db audio Technik soundscape homepage visualised on a desktop computer

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