We’re a creativebrand agency

For nearly a decade saintnicks has brought together some of the best talent from client side and global agencies, to create an independent and agile comms business. We have created a creative brand agency, built for a digital world. We create demand.




The flying fish (exocoetida) has always been our icon and a guide for the business; it’s a beautiful and amazing phenomenon. It survives and thrives through constant evolution. Where others shoal in a world where big eats small, the flying fish is progressive by nature.

Making a powerful leap it uses thermals, updrafts and currents to journey to more fertile and productive waters. It’s determined and brave. So, for staff and clients we commit to making the same bold leap; at saintnicks, we take you further.

flying fish


The journey of brand evolution.We find fertile new territory for brands to explore. To influence their markets in new, more engaging ways. To outthink, outperform, and outmanoeuvre their competition. To build better, closer connections with the people who matter.And generate the demand that helps companies grow.

What we do

We use our creativity to create demand.

Conceptual thinking. Art direction. Copywriting. Design.

We partner with ambitious clients, to set the direction for their brands.

Purpose. Positioning. Proposition. Brand architecture. Portfolio optimisation. Innovation. Stakeholder alignment.

We take brands to market with impact and intent, combining hard-working creative with clear commercialism.

Above the line. Below the line. Through the line. Advertising. Content creation. Experience design.

We translate business strategy into different – and differentiating – brand design.

Visual identity. Logo. Motion design. Verbal identity. Naming.

We design and develop for a digital-first world.

UX. CX. Social. Digital advertising. SEO. Web design & build.

We partner with Mediacom to deliver an exclusive service, finding the right channels to deliver the right messages.

We use data to define brand and business growth.

Trends. Data. Research. Opinion. Actionable insight.

We create advocates within your organisation, to affect real change.

Culture. EVP. Employee experience. Internal comms.

We enhance the performance of your marketing, content and campaigns.
Process analysis. Performance benchmarking. Reporting.

We identify, develop and design how your audiences interact with your product and services.

Persona development. Mapping. Process design.