After a year of uncertainty, economic flux and an unprecedented boom in technological advancement, it’s no surprise that consumer behaviour has shifted dramatically. But it’s not all bad news: now is the time for innovation.

2021 asked us to adjust and respond to new realities – and new responsibilities. Brands were tasked with holding the mirror up to themselves, and demonstrating, quite publicly, where they stand when it comes to their ethics and their purpose.

Behavioural changes motivated by the pandemic accelerated the shift towards values-driven consumption. With consumers asking for more and more transparency, 2022 will see the art of showing bear far more weight than telling.

In this document, you’ll find a breadth of work that exemplifies this response: a cohort of brands doing good while doing business. Informed by 6 new mega-trends for 2022 from our friends over at Trendwatching, these standout ideas show how the currents of change can be applied across regions, industries and demographics.

So, grab yourself a cuppa and download a copy of our top picks – perhaps they might inspire you as you plan for the year ahead.

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