Why Alcohol alone is no longer enough

These days, it’s not enough for your tipple of choice to just –  well – be a drink. There appears to be a real appetite in the F&B sector and specifically within the alcoholic drinks category for constant innovation. We’ve taken a look at some eye-catching recent emergents to the market to see what, besides ABV content, they have to offer.

Bright blue wine, anyone?

No it’s not Curacao, this is Gik, a bright blue wine, hailing from Spain. The wine is produced from red and white grapes sourced from across some of Spain’s famous wine regions, including Rioja and Castilla La Mancha. The blue colour comes from plant-derived indigotine and anthocyanin: a pigment extracted from grape skin. Tempted? The wine is said to have a sweet flavor, so if you fancy this unusual status symbol, you can nab yourself a bottle for around EUR 11.50 online.


Luxury vodka distilled from an unlikely source

Perhaps something more elusive or whimsical? Fog Point is vodka made from fog harvested in San Francisco. Yes you heard it right. The Hangar One distillery worked with nonprofit FogQuest to set up ‘fog catchers’ at four locations throughout the city, collecting fog water over a six month period. Enough water was collected to make 2,400 bottles of Fog Point. Retailing at $125 a bottle, it doesn’t come cheap. We wonder if it might be the perfect antidote to a foggy head?