Managing your social media can feel a bit like a minefield, what with the amount of outlets to manage and a plethora of faux pas to avoid. However, when harnessed and utilised properly, it can transform the way businesses operate and interact with their consumers. Here are 8 good rules to adhere to:

Be clear about what you stand for

And what you don’t. It’s important to have good social content, but like any conversation, if you are going to interrupt someone, you better have something good to say. Make sure you develop a proper content plan, define the community you are going to engage with, identify who you are keen to collaborate with and clarify how you are going to evaluate and monitor your progress. It’ll make all the difference between being ‘relevant’ or ‘random’.

Keep the social in social media

Don’t set up a social account purely to tick a box. Once this is running, it is imperative to have a consistent and worthwhile presence, reminding your followers why they do indeed follow you. Scheduling tools such as Hootsuite and Twuffer are great if you know you have a period of time when you are unable to Tweet.

TOV and consistency 

Whether you’re running a global company or a small-scale operation, TOV is of the upmost importance. With potentially multiple contributors, it is essential to pin this down and have everyone talking the same language.

Introduce imagery and videos  

Although the purpose of Twitter is to keep observations and comments short, it is good to see this interspersed with imagery and videos. A recent study by Buffer discovered tweets with images receive 150% more interaction than those that don’t. These can help to reinforce a point and add some variety to a wall of copy – on average 6,000 tweets are tweeted every second so you’ve got to stand out!

Short and tweet

With only 140 characters to play with, Twitter won’t allow you to write odes. However, it is easy to run away with an idea, so remember keep your tweet to the point and use sites such as Bitly to shorten your links.

Take the good with the bad

It’s all very well retweeting positive comments and interactions; however the occasional negative mention or comment can crop up. Instead of ignoring this, address the issue without it turning into a full debate. Ignoring the situation can add fuel to the fire – great social viewing for followers but not so great for brand/company image.


Social media channels are a great arena to showcase your company or brand’s personality. Injecting a bit of your character and office culture is intriguing for both potential clients and employees. Furthermore, this can be connected to work or your industry – win win!


Although it’s great to share articles and retweet others, nothing is better than original content. By linking content from your blog, you both drive traffic to your website and offer followers fresh insight and news.