What do you do when you know that people don’t want to watch your pre-roll ads on YouTube anymore (did they ever?) but your audience is still there for you to communicate with…

Well, Geico fast forward their own ad so you can get to your content faster. (The hope is that you will still want to watch the full length ad inside YouTube, to see what you were missing.)

Whilst this is one tongue-in-cheek solution, there’s a bigger issue and opportunity to consider, as we see significant growth through inbound marketing in the UK. Over 60% of marketers attribute spend to inbound marketing and this growth is coming from the creation of relevant, valuable and original content, optimising it and distributing it across a variety of online media channels.

Inbound marketing is hugely important within a modern marketing strategy as traditional marketing methods are no longer enough to captivate and retain customer interest, and audiences are increasingly likely to ‘switch off’ when they know they are being sold to.

If you would like to know more and want to talk further about a content strategy, or your inbound marketing, do get in touch.

(And it might save you having to make an a pre-roll ad that you end up fast-forwarding).