SNAP – a device allowing customers to make tables out of virtually any surface, just launched on Kickstarter.

Say you find an old crate or antique tray; you simply clip the device onto the edge of the chosen piece, effectively giving it legs. Providing you aren’t trying to raise an iron top, four legs should be sufficient in supporting your new table. This US created product is available for $55, which is pretty good for a new piece of bespoke furniture.

Safety while you surf

Here’s a novel way to highlight the risk of over exposure to the sun – Peruvian charity Liga Contra el Cancer (League Against Cancer) has introduced a Wi-Fi tower that gives beach-goers free internet access if they’re in its shadow. The blue tower tracks the movements of the sun throughout the day, rewarding people for being responsible. We love this concept of educating people through technology and reward.

App-solutely amazing! 

The Booodl app was launched in Q1 this year in Sydney, connecting subscribers to a seamless way of shopping. You simply create a smart shopping list; the app then alerts you when an item on this list is available at a nearby store. From there you can interact with the shop via SMS to ask any questions. Purchasing is available in-app and you can even book an Uber taxi to go and pick it up. We have one question, when is it coming to the UK?